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definitely my computer! The largest portion of my day is spent on it and I do almost everything I enjoy through it. I don’t know what I would do without my trusty computer!

The inspiration of Minecraft and the frustration of school

Well I wanted to start out this journal on a positive note, as what is to follow is more than likely going to evolve into me ranting uselessly about the world around me, as many such blogs do. But before that happens I wanted to share one of the greatest inspirations in my life currently- the amazing game of Minecraft. Now before you start your reflection upon my social status for believing in this idea please allow me to explain.

For me Minecraft has become much more than a simple, super-awesome Lego builder game. Now to understand why this is so you need to first understand how I learn. The way I learn and actually think is very unique. I say that not to boast in any way, Lord knows its more than its own burden at times, but to say that the very way I think about whats around me is much different then the average person. According to the standard Myers-Briggs “type” testing I am classified as an INTP thinker. The first part of that pairing of letters (IN) means I am, by nature, introverted. I get most of my energy from being alone, and I do my best thinking when I am alone as well. The second part is the more important piece, the explanation of my thought. According to the scale, I analyze as much as possible in my head, and try to solve everything there. Further, I attempt to understand everything on the most basic of levels, breaking everything down into the most miniscule of details. Because of this I live in my head, constantly mulling over problems and finding new ways to come at situations or new ways of doing something. Usually this gets me into trouble at school, where repetitive, drone-like tasks are put before me, with little in the way of problem solving (save for a few high level classes). For me it is not hard to remember or recall information, because to do so I simply need to understand it. This makes an INCREDIBLE gift for test taking, which is primarily why I am able to straggle along in high school. It is also the reason why I am not prone ( I hate) to do my homework. For me homework in almost all of my classes is again, drone work. Repetition of an idea is my single greatest “pet-peeve”.

To which you might say “well take AP and high level classes then, so you don’t get that kind of work”. I would then agree with you, while simultaneously referencing you to my current transcript. I can’t take high classes because I can’t handle the lower ones, yet I can’t handle them because I think like I’m in the higher ones. A real catch 22 in my opinion.

But how does this tie into Minecraft you might ask? Well just as my brain gives me a unique way at looking at the real world, so does it the digital. Because of my analytic quasi-perfectionist mind I will probably never get to be a great builder. I simply over analyze everything to much to let the art flow that is required to build epic scale and beautiful creations. But, this is countered in the fact that I find great joy in watching and exploring others creations (and in some respects even learning from them). I understand that I will never be a great builder, although I have beautiful worlds in my head. I understand I will never be a worker, because I hate repetition (and slow paced work, as many large builds require). Despite these facts I will always enjoy seeing others creations, and that’s what I live for, and what has inspired me, in Minecraft. I have a single world on my game right now, and as long as I’m not exploring the next cool mod, that is all I will ever need (texture packs excluded). Minecraft brings me great joy not because of self accomplishment, but because I can see the accomplishments of others. For many this is a difficult idea; some people seem to value minecrafters only for their building or working output. I however say that this is not necessary. After all there’s no point in building something super awesome without having someone to share it with.

So I can then confidently say that it is not the game (not to downplay Notch and Mojang’s incredible achievement with the game) that inspire me, but the people who play and use it. To see a large community gather around a single game and then create so many wondrous things simply overwhelms my mind. Many times my imagination and understanding has been pushed (sometime completely toppled) by the Minecraft community. Everyday I look forward to seeing what the next amazing build is, or the next super cool mod.

So I challenge you, the Minecraft user. Can YOU make the next thing that will keep me occupied for days, can YOU build the next greatest map or mod, can YOU push the limits of whats possible with the game?! Because I believe you can! If you have the next largest build that you know will awe everyone, then please, by all means, get on it!